Brand NUE Weight Loss

About Dr. Nuesse


Welcome to Newtown Health Center. Dr. Matthew Nuesse D.C. CME has developed a uniques system to help promote health throughout the communities he serves.  His speciaty is functional medicine, which simply means helping the body restore its function using natural methods. 

Dr. Nuesse began his studies at the University of Cincinnati.  From there he attended the prestigious National University of health sciences in Chicago, Illinois.  Since graduation Dr. Nuesse has become a certified medical examiner for the Department of Transportation as well as done hundreds of additional hours of training in the area of functional nutrition.  In 2013 Dr. Nuesse published his first book, Believe In You: Health and Fitness Vs. the World In Which We Live.  He has also developed his own weight loss system - Brand NUE Weight Loss

Today Dr. Nuesse specializes primarily in weight loss and weight related disease.  His systems use only natural methods and are completely individualized to the patient.

We treat patients from all over the Cincinnati, Ohio area including Newtown, Mariemont, and Anderson Township. Call (513) 271-2500 for an appointment.