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No one plans to get in an automobile accident, but sometimes life surprises you. Luckily you can take care of the situation: a few visits to your Anderson, OH chiropractor, Dr. Matthew Nuesse, can help you to fix the discomfort.

Most Common Auto Injury Symptoms

Despite the fact that a variety of injuries can develop as a result of a motor vehicle accident, some of the most prevalent include whiplash injury (which can produce neck pain and headaches); disc herniations (triggering back pain, sciatica, or neck pain); and spinal misalignment. All have the ability to severely limit your capacity to engage in daily activities free of pain and discomfort.

The Chiropractic Fix

doctor examines x-ray with patientDr. Matthew Nuesse is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of car accident injuries. After a analysis of your condition and individual history, he will build the best solution for you personally. Treatment methods could encompass spinal adjustments, manipulation by instrumentation, light soft tissue therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and various other natural remedies.

While some health professionals are focused primarily on relieving the symptoms, Dr. Matthew Nuesse doesn't stop there. He focuses on choosing – and correcting – the cause of the symptoms. The best relief is persistent, which is what we set out to do for our patients in Anderson, OH.

What If You Were Not Injured In the Car Accident?

Even if you do not feel as if you were hurt in the car wreck, a trip to your chiropractor is advisable. Some injuries are not felt right away, allowing them to get worse and worse until one day down the road they are much harder to treat.

Don’t allow that happen to you. Call our office in Anderson, OH. Dr. Matthew Nuesse will make sure everything is aligned so that you feel your best today, and into the future!