Brand NUE Weight Loss


At Newtown Health Center and Finneytown Health Center we never want finances to come in between a patient and the care they need. As such, we have several financing options available. With some careful planning we are usually able to fit our plans into any budget.

Patients often have several questions about finances when they first enter our office.

1. Do you take my insurance?

We focus on natural weight loss, and as such, do not rely on medications or surgical procedures.  Insurance, therefore, will not pay for our programs.

2. How much do your programs cost?

Each patient is different and needs different services to attain their goals. We first do a consultation to determine the patients needs before we can give a cost.

3.  How much do you charge for a consultation?

At this time we are offering free consultations.

4.  What financing options do you offer?

One of the major advantages our office has is the ability to offer Care Credit to the majority of our patients. Care Credit allows the patient to make smaller monthly payments without having the burden of accumulating interest (unlike traditional credit cards). Learn more about care credit here.


We are also happy to offer in-office financing to our patients who do not qualify for Care Credit.