Weight Loss

​Our clinic focuses on weight loss using only natural methods. We do not prescribe medications or use hormones. We are different from most weight loss clinics in that our goal is not only for a patient to lose weight but for them to learn how to permanently keep it off. Because of this all of our programs are individualized to the patient. We start with a 1 hour consultation to determine if we are the right providers for you, and if so, what program will give you the best chance for long term success. Click below to request a consultation!

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Chiropractic care goes way beyond simply treating back pain and headaches. While these are undoubtedly some of the most common reasons why patients seek our care, chiropractic is truly about helping the body function free of disease. Because of the effect that chiropractic treatment can have on the nervous system, research has shown it to be helpful in treating conditions ranging from lower back pain to high blood pressure.