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Natural Migraine Treatment

Experience the intense head pain, nausea, vision, and auditory sensitivity often associated with migraine headaches, and no doubt that you’ll do most anything for relief. While some people tend to rely on prescription medications which are admittedly sometimes helpful, natural treatment remedies are preferred as they won’t harm your body and they aren’t going to subject you to the negative side effects that some unnatural treatment options provide. There are a few all-natural treatment options that migraine sufferers should consider, and Dr. Matthew Neusse is the local expert on the subject in Newtown, Mariemont, and Anderson Township, Ohio.

Migraine Relief via Dietary Changes

Research has found that the foods you choose to eat can sometimes bring about a migraine headache. For example, specific foods that may possibly trigger a migraine include chocolate, dairy products, various meats, eggs, nuts, tomatoes, and apples. Additionally, drinking alcohol could increase the likelihood of a migraine as well, as can consumption of foods that contain aspartame (an artificial sweetener) or nitrates. This means that making dietary changes by cutting out these items may be enough to provide you some much needed relief.

Caffeine as a Migraine Treatment Remedy

Consuming caffeine may provide some relief with migraines too, so you might want to try drinking a cup of coffee or tea when one strikes and see if that helps. When taken with an over-the-counter pain medication, many migraine sufferers have found that their migraines decrease in intensity and in duration. The one thing to point out is that you should not seek to get caffeine by eating chocolate as chocolate has been found to be a migraine trigger instead of acting as a relieving agent.

Supplementation May Help With Migraines

Another natural migraine remedy includes making sure you have the necessary vitamins and minerals in your body. The ones that appear to offer the greatest amount of relief, based on research, are coenzyme Q10, feverfew, magnesium, peppermint, vitamin B2, and butterbur. You’ll want to check with your healthcare provider to determine what amounts would be most beneficial to you individually.

Exercise and Migraines

According to a study published in Cephalalgia, engaging in regular physical activity may provide relief for migraine sufferers. In a randomized control trial involving 91 participants, researchers found that those that exercised for almost three-quarters of an hour three times weekly experienced a reduction in the amount of pain they felt with their migraine headaches.

Finding migraine relief with natural remedies gives you a treatment option that is healthy for your body. Give Newtown Health Center a call today at (513) 271-2500 to see if we can help you find long-term relief from your migraines.


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