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How Our Program Works


We individualize your program to fit your lifestyle and your specific metabolic needs. Our weight loss coaches work with you 1-on-1 to develop a plan to fit your goals and timeframe. Dieting is dead - we help you create a Brand NUE way of living.


Dr. Nuesse has spent years researching and developing the best natural supplements for weight loss. All of our proprietary supplements are backed by science and aimed at resetting metabolism, controlling cravings and removing hormonal barriers to weight loss.


From the moment you commit to becoming a Brand NUE you, we are with you every step of the way. We celebrate your successes and help you navigate any challenges. When you are with Brand NUE, we are available 24/7 either by phone, in-office or messaging.

All of our programs begin with a 3-Step Metabolic Reset ™. This aims to remove your body’s natural resistance to weight loss, which can be caused by past yo-yo dieting, age, hormones, etc. From there, your specific metabolic needs, preferences and lifestyle are taken into account to customize the best program just for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brand NUE programs address “broken metabolisms”. Through our proprietary 3-Step Metabolic Reset ™ and customized programs, we correct hormonal imbalances and metabolic deficiencies. Our programs create environments where clients thrive and no longer consider “diet culture” a viable option.  Beyond this, we teach life skills so that each of our clients is set-up for success well into the future.

Initially it’s FREE! We offer a FREE consultation because we won’t know the cost of your program until you come in and meet with us. We need to know more information about you – what has/not worked, your specific needs, your body fat percentage, etc. Once we have these answers, we can set you up with a program that will help you achieve your goals in the desired timeframe. On average, we are much less expensive than traditional medical weight loss (prescriptions/surgeries/etc.). We accept FSA, HSA, Care Credit and offer payment plans.

All our supplements are all natural and based on science. We don’t use medications like Adipex or phentermine and we don’t use hormones like the HCG diet. Our goal is for you to be able to maintain the weight loss that you achieve with us. Research has shown that weight maintenance is difficult if you become reliant on something, like medications, to lose weight. We also use natural products so that they don’t interfere with any medications or medical conditions that you may have.

No. Our programs allow you to successfully complete the program from the comfort of your home. We are available to assist you anytime – to help and guide you through the program designed specifically for you. Once you are a client, we do offer in office or virtual meetings depending on your preference.

No, you don’t need to exercise regularly to lose weight on our program. Exercise is not the most effective way to burn body fat.

Yes, absolutely! All our programs come with guides for dining out, specific menu recommendations at restaurants, responsible alcohol consumption parameters, etc. We have found that weight loss and long-term weight management is not possible if you feel deprived or not able to socialize.

Yes! Our programs come with hundreds of delicious (and easy!) recipes, dining out guides, interactive cooking videos, grocery lists and meal planning guides. Everything to ensure success is accounted for and is conveniently organized in our proprietary app.

Of course! We love customizing recipes and guides to meet all dietary preferences and needs.

No, age is not a factor. Our youngest clients are 18 years old; our eldest 93.

Absolutely not! Our programs do not include counting calories or calculating points.


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If you feel weight loss is difficult then make your appointment with Dr. Matthew Nuesse of Brand Nue Weight Loss in Cincinnati, OH & FLorence, KY today!

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